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Thank you so much Amanda. You truly are a treasure, nicest part of my day to encounter a true professional and with such a lovely manner. Your company is so fortunate to have you on their side. You make a wonderful first impression.
- Carol Balides

To whom it may concern, regarding my recent condo inspection by TTBS, LLC. I freely give the inspector's efforts a 5-star rating. He conducted the most thorough and meticulous examination of the condo I plan to buy that I've ever witnessed. He checked the operation of every appliance and system. He checked every light switch and receptacle. He examined every detail of the structure, including the ceiling, door latches operation and cabinet interiors. He inspected every aspect of every plumbing fixture and every pipe and valve connection. He pulled the furnace filter to determine whether the HVAC was properly maintained. Absolutely nothing was overlooked or given short shrift. Then he took all the time needed to describe and explain each item that he put into the report, its significance, and the impact of any potential problem resulting from that item. I could not have been more satisfied. The TTBS customer service approach is fantastic. It should be the standard for every service provider nationwide. And finally, I found the price for this service to be reasonable, fair and appropriate. If only every aspect of buying a residential dwelling were this well-done, the stress level involved would be hugely lower.
- Mr. Hal Stein

Thank you, Dawa. You made the experience so great. You were very respectful to me, especially when surrounded by others, and you were enthusiastic and so helpful. I certainly will recommend your team to others! Thank you!
- Susan Z.

Douglas was an excellent inspector, very professional and thorough. He seemed to cover all items and responded objectively to any questions we had. He worked quickly but appeared not to miss anything. The whole process was well managed, professional and very informative. An excellent experience.
- Phil Burroughs

Dawa - We could not be happier with you and your service. You were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and most of all - you were very personal. In today's world, people don't value and expect quality service like in the past; however, you delivered above and beyond our expectations. I will absolutely spread your name and your quality service. Thank you again and I will log into my Yelp account now and submit a review. Thanks again and we hope nothing but the best for you.
- Corey

Dear Top-to-Bottom- Every time I experience your inspection appointments, I can see the kind of excellent detail and high-quality service put into each client / customer transaction. From the 10-minute introduction about Top-to-Bottom's inspection overview to explaining the free 90-day warranty, TTBS goes above and beyond to make sure the home owner or buyer is well-informed and armed with valuable information.
- Isaac Lee

I had a client who called me yesterday all upset that their new home purchase, built in the 80's, is a lemon because water was coming in and a waterproofing company came in and told them it would be $35K to fix the inside and a total of $95K when all is said and done with redoing the landscaping, etc. They had put an $11K deposit down and the work was to start on Saturday. I told them to get a second opinion and to call Dan Deist, our inspector from Top To Bottom Services, and have him come and look at it. Dan and Matthew Kaufman, the Inspector Manager, went out there the very next day, at no charge, and spent time going over everything with the homeowner and reviewed the 22 point checklist of issues that the contractor said that the house had. Some of the issues that it said were problems that were not even possible because of the construction of the home-such as flaky mortar when it is poured concrete! Dan and Matthew found the source of the problem and actually solved the issue for free!!!!! Then they advised and waited as the client called the company to get their $11K refunded as today was the 3rd day of a 3 day period to rescind. The contractor was telling them that it was too late to get the refund, as they had already purchased the supplies. He would not give them a fax number or an email to request the refund. Finally, he gave them his personal email at gmail to write to but I'm still unsure if they will have to fight for their refund. They went to the post office and sent a certified letter for it. This is the second time that Dan has saved one of my clients from being scammed!
- Carol Schantz  

Thank you for your message in regard to last Friday's inspection of *****. Both Doug & John were awesome! My clients were extremely impressed with their knowledge of historic homes & their professionalism.
- Carrie  
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