Your Team/Business: You Are Your People

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  • May 2, 2018
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I’m making an assumption that we’ve all worked at a company or wished we had that was high-performing. What makes a team or company perform at a high level and what contributes to their creation of an amazing work culture? These companies effortlessly draw awesome talent – why? I’ve been coaching and helping companies for years and I’ve observed a common denominator. It’s their people not the class A facilities or cool amenities like an office gym. I can feel it in their work atmosphere and have observed how their employees interact with one another and present themselves. There are great resources available nowadays that help you predict potential employee behavior like those defined in a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. Tony Robbins website has a helpful and FREE behavior assessment tool based on the well-known DISC theory introduced by William Mouton Marston. Take a moment and research both when building your team. Surround yourself with those individuals that are complementary – not in the traditional definition. When you are ready to grow or promote someone from within ask yourself these questions:  

*What type of internal and external energy does this person project, and do they smile or reflect common curtsey easily. Do they look others in the eye while communicating? My father would ask, “Do they have good bedside manner?”

*Does this person value the importance of culture? Do they fit comfortably into your vision for your company’s culture?

*Do they allow people to finish speaking? Are they only listening for their opportunity to speak?

*If you are considering them as a manager, can you visualize them as a role model for new staff?

*If you couldn’t answer your phone… would you feel comfortable with them answer it?

I love what Marcus Buckingham, an author and business consultant is accredited of saying, “Talent is multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield.” I will end with what I’ve always preached, hire for the person and train for the skill. Now go build an awesome team and culture.