So why did your corner grocery store close? You recall swinging in to purchase a gallon and milk and a tasty bag of chips. That store was convenient and their service was good. You noticed it was never very busy but never thought it would close. How do you avoid the same fate with your realty business? The need for clients is obvious. Realtors’ need listings and/or buyers just like your grocery store needed you and your neighbor.  What else should you be thinking about every day to ensure your long-term realtor success? Pull out that highlighter you received last Tuesday at the broker meeting and get ready to learn five things every small business owner needs to accomplish.

We are going to discuss one of the five this month and you’ll have to wait with baited breath for next month’s issue of Top Producer to resume class. It doesn’t matter if you own the corner store or if you are the sole operator and business owner of your realty empire you must do these things.

  1. Generate business from new customers
  2. Maximize opportunities with existing customers
  3. Manage operations efficiently to maximize bottom line
  4. Meet and/or exceed customer service expectations
  5. Recruit and retain good employees

I’ve studied some of the best minds in our industry from Rick DeLuca, Gary Keller to Joe Stump and read countless influential books like that of Michael Maher’s, “Seven Levels of Communication”.  A common thread is your database of people. To generate new business start by sorting your database between Acquaintances-those who know you and you know them, and Inner Circle-those you’ve done business with, and Mavens-people that have the ability to send you lots of referrals or repeat business. Next, stay in touch with your sphere of influence using direct mail, newsletters, phone calls, broadcast texts, stop in, ask out to lunch or throw an appreciation party. Other helpful touches include letters of introduction, personal brochures, market reports, business cards, recipe cards, inspirational cards, community calendars, market statistics, free reports, real estate investment or house maintenance tips, usable giveaways, just sold/listed cards, service directories. You should also send motivational emails and don’t forget to… simply call people.

Be consistent and stay motivated and always fall forward.  Let’s end with what Zig Ziglar is accredited with saying, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily”