We are located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We service the District of Columbia, most of Maryland and parts of Virginia!

We schedule our inspectors for a length of inspection appointment commensurate with the reported size and age of the building inspected. A typical modern single family home of approximately 2000  square feet should take between 2 ½ and 3 hours to thoroughly inspect. Condos take less time, and we have conducted inspections on homes and buildings of greater than 10,000 square feet where we assigned three inspectors for an entire day.

In order to keep costs for our clients to a minimum we charge reduced rates for condos, townhouses, and smaller homes. To make pricing as fair and equitable as possible, we scale our prices by dwelling type, square footage, age, and services requested. When you call to schedule an appointment please be prepared to provide our office staff with the size, type, and age of dwelling to be inspected so that we can allot the appropriate amount of time for your inspection.

If the property is outside of our service area, there is a potential for a service fee. We would advise calling one of our client coordinators to discuss anything fee related for better details.

Yes & Yes – Aside from our 200% guarantee and our InterNACHI® buy back guarantee, our inspectors have been licensed since inception of the licensing requirement. All of our inspectors are protected by errors and omissions insurance.

As an ethical business practice TTBS has carried $2,000,000 of insurance since our founding well before the state required inspectors to carry insurance. The amount of our insurance well exceeds the required minimum.

For agents who refer to us – our insurance also covers individuals who refer inspection clients to us.

We would also like to point out that in 15 years of service we have only had 1 insurance claim, which was for mold. Since then, ALL of our inspectors have been trained to provide a full suite of mold services.

You can verify the Maryland license status of our inspectors here and Virginia here. The District of Columbia does not have a licensing body.

Please Note: Only the following inspectors are licensed to provide service in Virginia –

Jim Parlato
John Overholser
Dawa Dellamula
Bob Enders (Also licensed for pre-drywall and new construction)

We inspect and evaluate all visible and readily accessible components of chimneys, chimney chases, flue pipes, and all manner of wood-burning devices such as fireplaces, wood stoves, wood stove fireplace inserts, pellet stoves, gas stoves and inserts. Our inspection covers these systems from top to bottom, from rain cap and flu to foundation and clean out, for visible defects, deterioration, maintenance needs and safety considerations.

No – This is something of a specialized service, though we have an excellent referral for a pool contractor.

We evaluate all readily accessible attics and basements as part of a routine home inspection, following the standards of practice for interNACHI, and the applicable state governing bodies. In attics, your inspector will evaluate insulation, roof ventilation, roof decking for evidence of leaking or improper installation, roof framing, assess for visual evidence of mold growth, and inspect all accessible plumbing vent pipes and electrical circuit wiring. Within basements, your inspector will evaluate the visible foundation, insulation, framing, carrying beams, sumps, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC equipment. Each accessible crawl space entered for inspection (at our client’s discretion) incurs an additional fee, typically $50, due to the additional time required for inspection.

We pride ourselves on the speed of our report turnaround given the quality and detail we provide: Typically, reports are delivered by 9 a.m. the following day via email in Adobe™ pdf format. If for any reason your report will take longer to compile (awaiting lab results, complexity of home, distressed buildings, appointments made for late in the day, etc.), your inspector will take into account your needs and deadlines when providing a timeline for documentation of results. Only with advanced notice, we can usually schedule our inspectors to provide a same day report if needed.

Please note – We cannot release inspection reports until the inspection contract is signed and full payment has been made.

As long as we have access to the building, we can perform a thorough inspection even if you are not able to attend. On the other hand, our clients benefit greatly by attending the inspection so they can get first hand explanations of findings and discuss maintenance needs, etc.  By prior arrangement, we are able to provide post-inspection conferencing with out of state clients for detailed review of inspection findings.

Often times we can! Just give our office a call to check availability.

A professional, independent, thorough, and impartial inspection provides crucial information for price negotiation, maintenance and repair budgeting, safety upgrades, and operation of building systems – a huge value in itself. Many of our clients report our inspection has provided them with peace of mind when moving forward on such a large investment. In rare cases, an inspection uncovers significant issues that were previously unknown to both the sellers and the buyers that can impact the habitability or structural safety of a home and has saved several of our clients from a purchase they would have later regretted.

As a result of thorough and ongoing inspector training, the thoroughness of the Top To Bottom inspection system, our standing in the industry, and the personal integrity of our inspection team we are able to provide a 200% guarantee to all of our paying clients. This guarantee states that if we complete a home inspection and you are not 100% satisfied, you have 72 hours to hire another licensed and insured inspector. If that inspector finds something significant that we missed, not only will we refund our service cost but we will refund you the cost of the other companies inspection cost up to the amount of our inspection fee.

Due to insurance industry regulations, we cannot provide a warranty (a form of insurance) on home components or systems constructed, manufactured, or installed by others. You can purchase home warranty coverage from independent insurance providers. The coverage of independent warranty providers varies greatly – make sure to read the fine print!

The size of each inspection report will vary depending on the square footage, age, complexity, and condition of the building(s) inspected. Our reports are detailed, with photos and descriptions of conditions and recommendations. Each inspection report contains a summary which provides a synopsis of the report findings.

Yes – we offer lifetime phone and email consultation!

Yes – We have sample reports for general home and new construction inspections (and we can make additional sample reports as needed).

No – An inspection is not a test, but an evaluation of condition. We do have environmental tests that have what are deemed acceptable/unacceptable levels (water/radon).

Even the best general contractors cannot be present for all of the work that is done on every building. A home inspection provides a second set of eyes, to review quality control, as well as proper installation of building materials and components. In addition, most builders expect that the homeowner will be knowledgeable about routine maintenance items that are required to prevent deterioration at the building. During a home inspection your inspector will educate you about how to maintain and care for your home to ensure longevity of building systems and safety for your family. It is our experience that we routinely find issues at new construction inspections ranging from minor to very significant that are either overlooked or occurred subsequent to construction supervisor and building inspector review.

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