Look at this HUGE spider visiting Jim during his home inspection! (Thanks... no thanks!)
How many frogs can you see in this picture? Just another awesome find during our professional home inspections!
How long does it take for a tree to grow around a house?
Can you tell us what this device is used for? (Hint - This is located in the garage)
The owner called us about a concern with her gutters. When our licensed home inspector was at the property, the client mentioned that the master bathroom was very cold during winter. We took a look in the attic, and found this. Having some insulation installed above the bathroom might help keep the bathroom warmer during winter!
One of our inspectors found this roof damage during a home inspection.
We go where the funk and nothing but the funk is!
Some deer at one of our recent inspections in Olney
This is how the basement utility sink is drained. It dumps into this makeshift pit and is then pumped to the gravity sewer. It gets an A for effort.
Check this out! This is a GFIC outlet that lets out a loud tone alerting you that it has been tripped! How cool is that?!
While I was at a client's home to perform an indoor air quality test, I offered to look at the air conditioning and heating system as a courtesy to the client. Good thing! Turns out the condensation drain for their air conditioning system had backed up and was leaking inside the furnace. Let this be a reminder to all of us that routine Servicing buy a qualified contractor can prevent these kinds of problems.
Picture of mold found at one of our home inspections
This is the proper way (NOT) to seal a softball size hole in your home.