Home buyers that are purchasing a house built prior to 1978 are often aware that lead paint testing can be an important service in addition to a standard home inspection. There are significant health risks associated with lead paint, especially for children under 6 years and for pregnant woman. Lead paint can potentially be found on any painted surface of a home built prior to 1978. This cannot be determined visually. Painted surfaces must be tested. Our licensed and trained inspectors perform an XRF analysis (X-Ray Fluorescence), which is a non-destructive method to determine the composition of painted surfaces. The XRF analyzer is the most highly accurate and reliable testing device available. This XRF testing can be performed at the time of the home inspection, with instant results. Top To Bottom Services is a leader in DC metro area lead testing.

The question is often posed to us, “why is there lead in paint anyway?” Mankind has known since ancient times that lead could be used in many amazing ways. Its properties have made it irresistible for use by people throughout history. In modern times it was widely used in paint. The primary reasons for using lead in paint includes lead’s ability to cause the paint to be mold resistant, making it favorable for use on exterior wood. It can also help prevent rust and corrosion on metal. Additionally, lead paint binds better to substrates for increased strength.

Regardless of its useful properties, it is important to understand that lead is in fact a dangerous poison. Lead paint can create fine dust that is easily inhaled or swallowed. Lead dust tends to accumulate on floors where children play, which is a risk because of children’s hand-to-mouth activity. According to the US EPA, there are approximately 57 million homes in the United States that contain lead paint. This includes all classes of homes, not just lower income. 90% of houses built before 1940 have lead paint. This means millions of children in the
United States are at risk for lead poisoning.

Lead test analysis by XRF testing provides home buyers accurate and instant information to help protect everyone in the home. It is a valuable tool to create peace of mind for anyone purchasing an older home.