Did you know that January is Radon Action Month? It is the time of the year where the focus is turned to identifying, testing and mitigating radon in your home. But, what is radon? Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has no smell, no visible indicators, and absolutely no taste. It is because of these characteristics that radon has become a silent killer and the second highest cause of lung cancer—after smoking cigarettes—in the United States.

As uranium breaks down, far beneath the Earth’s surface, radon is released and begins to rise. In many cases, radon will make its way through the soil and disperse into the air. However, as more and more urban development continues, the chance for radon to first come in contact with a concrete foundation of a home—before it reaches the surface—increases. Many times, radon gas will simply “skate” along the underside of the foundation, moving towards the lower-pressure air outside the home. As most foundation of buildings are not impermeable, the air-pressure within the home may create a vacuum effect, drawing radon into the home prior to it being able to disperse into the environment.

The amount of radon entering a home is directly proportional to the health risks listed above. When higher quantities of radon gas enter a home, it can affect more than the lowest livable space where it enters; in some situations, radon tests have found high readings on the third and fourth floors of condominiums.

With Top To Bottom Services’ short-term E-Perm radon test, a kit is deployed at your home for a minimum of 48-hours under closed-house conditions; windows and fireplace dampers should be kept closed, and doors used only for normal entry and exit. After the testing is completed, the kit is retrieved and analyzed at our certified laboratory, and results are provided. If the results come back above the EPA’s recommended action level (4 pCi/L) one of our client coordinators can aid you in understanding your report, and provide contact information for our trusted referral partner who will further assist you with all of your radon mitigation needs.