Wouldn’t you like to make the most money when selling your home? You can accomplish this by identifying problems in the home and having them fixed before a potential buyer looks at the home. The buyer’s agent will often request top dollar for repairs, which will affect your bottom line. Having these issues identified and repaired will save you time, money, and potentially lengthy negotiations.

Our pre-listing inspections are done by licensed inspectors and this gives the seller leverage in the transaction. All of our pre-certified homes come with a 120-day home warranty from Top To Bottom Services. We will also place a “Pre-Certified Home” sign in your yard. This will increase interest in the home very quickly, because the buyer knows they are getting a quality home. It’s like getting a Carfax report for a used car, but with a home.

Once the property has been pre-certified, we send an email to every realtor in our extensive database letting them know that a new, pre-certified home is now on the market. We literally introduce your home to the biggest realtors in the area.

Another great thing about the having a pre-listing inspection is identifying issues that aren’t really a problem. For example, your foundation has a crack in it that may be obvious to anyone looking at the home. This would be cause for concern to anyone interested in buying the home; However, upon closer inspection, it is determined the crack hasn’t compromised the structural integrity of the property. It’s merely a cosmetic nuisance at this point. Our inspection report will state such things so that any buyer interested in the property will know that it is sound and secure.

Getting started is easy, follow the link below to get started or give one of our client coordinators a call today at 301-938-9100.