When a house goes under contract, the clock is ticking. Whether planning a Home Inspection, scheduling contractors to come by or arranging a radon test, time constraints can create fear and doubt about whether or not everything will be accomplished by the end of the contingency. Top To Bottom Services understands the pressure that goes into a home purchase, and works hard to accommodate your deadlines, especially for radon testing, which requires at minimum 48-hours at the property.

As a certified radon testing facility, Top To Bottom Services adheres to the protocols for testing as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some such protocols include, but are not limited to, the height in-which the test canisters are placed, the amount of clearance space left on all sides of the canisters for proper airflow, whether or not the minimal closed house conditions have been met, as well as the operation of systems in the home such as HVAC fans and existing radon mitigation systems. All of these protocols are logged at the time of deployment, and re-checked upon pick-up. If any deviations occurred within those 48-hours of deployment—such as homeowners leaving the windows open on a nice day—our highly trained and certified inspectors and radon technicians have to note detected problems in the test results, and determine whether or not a re-test is required.

Several agents, and clients, have asked if they would be able to help expedite our testing process by dropping off or picking up our testing equipment, ensuring that they get their results on time. Typically, this question arises from the fact that our radon testing facility does not operate Saturday or Sunday, and tests deployed on Thursday through Saturday, all have to wait until the following Monday or Tuesday for results. Unfortunately, due to the EPA protocols and procedures that we adhere to, having a non-certified agent operate on our behalf could immediately disqualify the results of the test, thus creating a scenario where the next radon test will not be ready for analysis until after a contingency has expired.

Top To Bottom Services is a leading home inspection company in the MD, DC, VA area because of the attention to detail that we give all of our clients. We do not want to add to the stress of your transaction; be sure to call and add-on radon testing at the same time as the inspection to be sure that our certified testing facility delivers your results with enough time for your negotiations. Thank you for your business, and as always, we look forward to serving your inspection and testing needs.