Bob Enders

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  • February 20, 2018
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About Bob Enders

I moved to Maryland after leaving the Marne Corps in 1984. I have been married to my wife Margie since 1987. We have four children: Jennifer, Ryan, Christopher, and Kelsie and four grandchildren with the potential for many more.  I enjoy golfing, fishing, and eating exotic food.




Before joining Top To Bottom four years ago I have had the privilege of working for 33 years for some of the most prominent builders in the greater metropolitan area, building more than 500 homes for families from all over the world, who would cook me authentic cuisine as a jester of appreciation. I enjoy sharing my vast experience and maintenance tips with my inspection clients.



I have a degree in Business Administration from Johnson and Wales University [better known for their culinary arts program] and a reoccurring theme in my Bio.