Bryan Sayers

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  • February 20, 2018
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About Bryan Sayers

I’m the resident HTML/Web/SysAdmin/SEO guru here at TTBS. I enjoy what I do because you have to think outside of the box to solve certain problems.

I was born and raised in Southern Maryland and left for Florida after high school for college. I lived there for about 10 years.

My daughter, Julianna, is my life, pride and joy!


I have extensive experience in the web/tech industry, well over 10 years. I’m also an avid SEO/SEM guru who has worked for some of the largest online marketing companies in the world. In my early days fresh out of college I learned the hard way of the dangers of bad SEO by getting one of the company’s most profitable marketing site blacklisted/banned/penalized… what ever word you prefer. The company had a motto “You weren’t a true online marketer until you crashed a site” and I never understood what that meant until I did it. This was a crucial moment in my development as a professional as it taught me 2 valuable lessons. The first, failure is <strong>ALWAYS</strong> an option but not the end of the road. The 2nd lesson, and arguably the more important of the 2, it’s better to own your mistakes and learn from them than it is to place blame. Mistakes happen, it’s what we do after the mistake has been recognized that has an impact on who we are as a person and as a professional.


I love the water! Growing up in Calvert County Maryland, I was surrounded by water. It probably goes with out saying, I love to go saltwater fishing, I’ll do freshwater if it’s the only option.

I enjoy boats. My first job in college was working on a yacht production line. Almost like the white boat on right side of the picture here. I’m always ready for a boat ride!