Christopher Enders

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  • February 20, 2018
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About Christopher Enders

Chris is a Maryland native, having grown up in Frederick County. He and his soon-to-be wife, Stephanie, own a town home in Frederick; close to her childhood home as well. The two met through an online dating service, but quickly discovered how interconnected their lives had been since the beginning. Not only did they attend the same high school, have many of the same friends, but even found out they attended the same concerts and sat only a hundred feet from each other. Regardless of these opportunities to meet, it took the World Wide Web to connect the two; something Chris never lets his friends forget, considering they could’ve introduced him to her many times throughout the years prior.




Chris has his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Maryland, College Park where he graduated in 2012.

Prior to coming to Top To Bottom Services, Chris worked in Marketing and Communications in the non-profit sector; at one organization working to support wounded war veterans, and then at another organization focused on improving the quality of life for senior-citizens. After a [fortunate] layoff, Chris’ father, Bob Enders called him to tell him about the company where he works as an inspector.

Chris’ diverse experience in Management, Graphic Design, Marketing and Development and Communications was a perfect fit for an evolving hybrid role at Top To Bottom Services; he joined the team as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant in December of 2017, and quickly became Top To Bottom’s unofficial Marketing Director, Graphic Designer and in-house videographer.


IrwinChris is an avid animal lover—but due to Stephanie’s rampant allergies to anything with fur, the two currently only own a Bearded Dragon, Irwin—named after deceased animal expert Steve Irwin—as well as a plethora of freshwater fish.  He also custom built both habitats for these pets; Irwin’s terrarium built into the wall above his fire place, and the freshwater fish tanks positioned under his living room T.V. with a water-bridge connecting the two tanks so the fish can swim back and forth. He is also currently working on setting up his first Saltwater Aquarium to be part of his theater room.

Chris and Stephanie are currently on a mission to visit every aquarium in places they visit, and at this point have been 6 aquariums across 5 states.

Additionally, Chris is also a Cinematographer, working for an established wedding videography company, AM Films as well as running his own start-up, CE Visual, LLC. Chris has helped film short videos for Top To Bottom Services as well as their sister company, SignTraker Technologies. He is passionate about cinematic filming and is excited to use his skills behind the camera to showcase all that Top To Bottom Services can do for their clients.