Domonic Jefferson

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  • February 20, 2018
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About Domonic Jefferson

Domonic has lived in Maryland since 1994, and attended Gaithersburg High School. While a student Domonic played several varsity sports; Football, Basketball and Baseball. A true team-player, Domonic supports multiple departments by meeting with and explaining to clients what Top To Bottom Services offers and what their highly-qualified inspectors do to ensure a safe home and well-informed home-buying process.




Domonic has been a Client Relations Specialist for Top To Bottom Services since August, 2017. Domonic attended Bethany College, in West Virginia and graduated with his Bachelors of Arts in Communications in 2017. While there Domonic played varsity football for four years as a receiver and was awarded letterman status for being a starter each game.

His studies in communication, specifically non-verbal, help him to design visually appealing marketing materials and communicate with clients more effectively.


Domonic loves to travel in the summer and has visited Germany, Switzerland, Cuba and Japan—which he says was his favorite destination solely due to the exotic cuisine. Domonic loved the taste of authentic Sushi and Sashimi and has yet to find anything remotely close to the taste here within the States.

Domonic enjoys spending his free time watching Sports Center’s First Take and hanging out with his best friend Billy Brown, who plays in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles.

He is a caring man who enjoys listening to bible quotes for inspiration.