Matthew Kaufman

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  • February 20, 2018
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About Matthew Kaufman

Matthew has been a licensed home inspector since 1997. He has evaluated buildings as old as the mid 1760’s. Matthew has served as a mentor and trainer for other home inspectors for over 10 years and currently holds the position of Inspection Department Manager at Top To Bottom Services.

His responsibilities include training new inspectors, running weekly Home Inspection Training meetings, providing technical assistance to our team of inspectors, managing Top To Bottom Services proprietary inspection reporting system, and providing customer support to existing homeowners and past clients who have questions or concerns about conditions or symptoms at a property.



Matthew has created and provided continuing education modules for real estate professionals through the Greater Capitol Area Association of REALTORS (GCAAR). Matthew has also provided first time home buyer seminars for home buyers. He enjoys public speaking and helping others understand and learn about things that are important to his audience.

Matthew also services as the Radiation Safety Officer at Top to Bottom Services, managing and maintaining hand held X-Ray Fluorescence lead paint testing equipment used in the field.

“I had my own home inspection business for over 15 years. After meeting Dan Deist, I was very excited to join the team at Top To Bottom Services. Working with a team of good people, dedicated to being the best home inspectors they can be, is very rewarding.”


Matthew enjoys live music of all types and is an avid cinema buff. One of his favorite movies is Groundhog Day. He also enjoys foreign films, action-adventure, and the occasional romantic comedy/drama. Surprisingly,  Matthew’s pet peeve about both of these interests is the high volume in public venues—to help with this Matthew carries low attenuation ear plugs with him at all times. These ear plugs do not muffle the sound but rather reduce the volume, so he can enjoy live performances without suffering temporary hearing loss.

He has always enjoyed learning how and why things work, combining the scientific theory with practical application and feels this has been invaluable as a home inspector, as it aids in discovering and diagnosing a wide variety of symptoms and conditions where the cause is not immediately obvious.