Mike McCullough

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  • February 20, 2018
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About Mike McCullough

Born and raised in Tampa Florida and was apart of the US Navy for 12 years. I was medically retired to due injuries and became a stay at home dad. After my departure from the navy, I married my wife Tracy in 2005. Together we bought a 100 year home to remodel and started a family. With Tracy being a nurse in the US Navy, we have moved a lot before coming to MD; Navy transferred us here so my autistic son could get all the help he needed. After remolding our home and the kids gone all day, my wife actually suggested I look into becoming a home inspector.



I worked in the home remolding industry before joining the US Navy. My experience in the construction/remodeling gives me a lot of insight when performing a home inspection for you!



We thoroughly enjoy going to Disney and spending time in the jeep with the top down and doors off.