Mike McCullough

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  • February 20, 2018
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About Mike McCullough

Mike was born and raised in Tampa, FL. After serving in the Navy, Mike married his wife, Tracy, in 2005. Together they bought a 100-year old home to remodel and start a family in. Mike and Tracy have two sons, Gabriel and Colin. With Tracy being a nurse in the United States Navy, the two had moved a lot before coming to MD; being transferred to this area so their autistic son could get all the help he needed.

After remolding their home, and with the kids in school all day, Tracy suggested that Mike look into becoming a home inspector. Living by one simple rule— you don’t know what you don’t know until you have to know it—Mike knew that trying to become and inspector on his own may not be the best path to take; after a short phone call with the owner, Dan, Mike knew he had to be part of this fast growing team.



Mike worked in the home remolding industry before joining the United States Navy where he served for 12-years. During his time in the Navy Mike has seen over 40 countries around the world including Italy, Finland, Turkey, Barbados and Spain. Mike was medically retired to due injuries, and became a stay at home dad.

“My experience in the construction and remodeling industries gives me a lot of insight when performing a home inspection for you! Whether you are looking for your forever home, or a fixer upper, I’ve been there and can use my training as well as personal experiences to guide and advise you.”



Mike and Tracy thoroughly enjoy traveling back to his home state of Florida and visiting Disney World. When not working, Mike can be seen driving around town in his lifted Jeep, with the top down and doors off listening to rock music, or some country artists like Luke Bryan or Darius Rucker.