Scott Mims

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  • February 20, 2018
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About Scott Mims

Scott grew up in Montgomery County, attending Walter Johnson High School and Montgomery College’s Rockville campus. Scott is Top To Bottom Services most senior client coordinator, and takes pride in working towards making your new home purchase go as smoothly as he can.

A jack-of-all-trades, Scott not only single-handedly manages Top To Bottom’s IT/Technical Service needs—repairing, upgrading and building laptops, and managing all other equipment—but he also assists the inspection department overseeing our radon gas testing service and preparing radon reports for clients.




Scott spent the majority of his career in customer service, striving to build and foster positive relationships with clients and customer. Additionally, for several years before joining Top To Bottom Services in 2015, Scott worked in repairing computers and mobile devices.




Scott resides in Gaithersburg— in a Condo which Top To Bottom Services inspected—with his loving fiancée Brooke, and their Ball-Python Argo whom they call their funny-looking dog. When not working to secure home inspections for clients, Scott can be found reading up on the latest technology and new products, as well as providing laptop repair and service for people looking for quality support and quick results.

However, if not burning the candles at both ends, Scott enjoys relaxing with Brooke and watching action or sci-fi movies such as Batman (1989), Sin City or Aliens, or Japanese Anime like Akira and Ninja Scroll.

If you get to speak to Scott on the phone, be sure to tell him that his hair looks exceptional today; chances are he came in early to look in the mirror and make sure not a hair was out of place.