Top To Bottom Services is located at 7820 Airpark Road, Ste E, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879; we are located behind the District Motorcycle dealership. However, it is worth noting that our office location does not dictate our service area, as one may assume.

Each of our inspectors starts their day from home, and have a standard 50-mile service area from that location. With inspectors all over Maryland—from southern Montgomery County to Frederick county—and one in West Virginia, we are able to service a much larger area than if each inspector reported to the office for their assignments.

However, because we strongly dislike the word “No,” our service areas do not cut off at 50-miles. Properties outside of our inspector’s standard service area can still be inspected, though a small extended area fee may apply.

So, if your reason for wondering where our office was located was to determine if we could service the area where the property you are interested in is located…chance are Yes We Can! Contact our office at 301-938-9100 and provide an exact address our highly-skilled Client Coordinator team will pull out the map and see what we can do for you!